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Jamie Hennessy

Co-Founder and Treasurer

With an Accounting and Finance career that has taken him around the world, Jamie’s love of the life sciences stems from his Masters degree in Pharmacology, earned at the University of Bath, UK. During his ten years with Grant Thornton, one of the world’s leading accounting firms, he has had significant experience within the life sciences, manufacturing, retail, and financial services industries. When his role as Senior Audit Manager at Grant Thornton took him to the US, Jamie joined Georgia Bio, the industry group for the life sciences community in the state of Georgia and served as the Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee for a number of years. It was in this capacity that Jamie met Russell Allen, the then CEO of Georgia Bio and where the initial discussions regarding BiotechExec began to take place.

With experience in both Public Accounting and various finance positions across many industries, Jamie’s expertise covers all matters within the office of the CFO. After years working with multi-million dollar companies, Jamie is excited to help young companies in the life sciences sector commercialize their ideas and bring life changing and life-saving products and treatments to the market.

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Jamie's career accomplishments include:

Group 901

Senior Executive Advisory Team

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Group 627

Russell Allen

Co-Founder and CEO

Group 628

Bill Knab

Senior Client Advisor

Medical Device

Group 630

Pamela Demain

Senior Client Advisor

Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals

Group 741

John Tushar

Senior Client Advisor

Medical Device

Group 740

Richard Otto

Senior Client Advisor

Biotechnology, Health IT & Medical Device

Group 625

Eamonn Hobbs

Partner & Senior Client Advisor

Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals & Medical Device

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William Dull

Chief Operating Officer

MedTech, Pharma, & Biotech


Matthew White

CFA Partner