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Who We Are

Who We Are

BiotechExec is a network of leading life science industry executives ready to help you grow your business. Powered by our exclusive IGNITE network, we address the need for experienced executive management to be readily available for the life sciences sector.

BiotechExec is a network of leading life science industry executives ready to help you grow your business. Powered by our exclusive IGNITE network, we address the need for experienced executive management to be readily available for the life sciences sector.


Our IGNITE Network executives have real, valuable, and varied experience in the life sciences industry, and are available immediately for fractional or interim CXO placement, mentoring, director/advisor roles and full-time placement. Within this expansive global Network, we are certain we can find the perfect match for your business.

What We Do

BiotechExec provides life science companies with the strategic business solutions needed to bring their life-changing, life-saving products to market.

The difference between success and failure for many businesses in the life science sector is access to experience and expertise from all aspects of the commercial landscape. There is a very select number of people who are truly aware of the commercial blueprint for successful and sustainable growth for companies in biotech, pharma, medical device, diagnostics and digital health care. Up until now, access to these specialists would have been considered too expensive or geographically restrictive

‒ this is no longer true

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Here at BiotechExec, we provide our clients with expertise and industry leading talent from within the entire global life sciences sector. Whether it be fractional or full-time placement of C-suite executives, or exclusive access to our distinguished panel of specialists, these life science companies now have access to those who can grow their business. What’s more, with BiotechExec this access is immediate ‒ the placements we offer ensure cost-effective, direct impact.

Why We Do It

At BiotechExec we believe that progress is the most important thing. Everything we do is about effective progression; we work to serve our clients (whether that be by appointing a Fractional CXO, providing
Management Consultation, Mentoring or Executive Search) in order that they can serve theirs.


We believe that, too often, a lack of access to professional connectivity or experienced knowledge stops innovative products from reaching their potential. And in the highly specialized field of life sciences, it’s not just skill and investment that decide a company’s success; it can also be location…


BiotechExec breaks down the geographic barriers between innovative products and those who can help bring them to market. While so much about our world has become global, the barriers between traditional primary and secondary markets remain ‒ but not for long. From access to talent to funding options, BiotechExec serves to even the playing field, by
opening up our global network to all who can benefit from it. These business executives are able to accomplish their goals working remotely in many cases, often to the benefit of the company that may not have access to the resources that executive has established.


Companies come to BiotechExec because they are ready for the next stage of growth, would benefit from commercial vision, or simply need help meeting certain goals. With access to the minds and experience of seasoned professionals, who have travelled the very same journey, we can match you with the Executive best suited to your business.

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Senior Executive Advisory Team

Working alongside our IGNITE Network are our team of Senior Advisors. This remarkable collection
of experts are all experienced life science executives, with a wide range of skills within the field and
a shared commitment to the development of the life sciences sector.

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Bill Knab

Senior Client Advisor

Medical Device

Group 630

Pamela Demain

Senior Client Advisor

Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals

Group 740

Richard Otto

Senior Client Advisor

Biotechnology, Health IT & Medical Device

Group 625

Eamonn Hobbs

Partner & Senior Client Advisor

Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals & Medical Device

Group 741

John Tushar

Senior Client Advisor

Medical Device

Group 627

Russell Allen

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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William Dull

Chief Operating Officer & Senior Client Advisor

MedTech, Pharma, & Biotech

Group 626

Jamie Hennessy

Co-Founder and Treasurer


Matthew White


Payer and Provider Relations & Operations


Our Process

Whether for a placement or a consulting engagement, our methodology is the same.

Our Senior Executive Advisory Team leads the process to:

Discover, Assess, Execute, Evaluate.



Discovery is possibly the most important stage ‒
understanding where our clients are and where they want to be is the only way to ensure we formulate the most effective action.


We then move to Assessment, where we take a deeper dive into our learnings from the Discovery stage. Our Senior Executive Advisory Team determine where there are issues, and how best to combat them; and where there is potential, and how best to reach it.



Execution of course sees our recommendations
actioned, with a part-time or full-time placement, or a product deliverable from our advisory team


We follow every Execution with Evaluation. Perhaps a CXO placement isn’t the perfect fit ‒ if this is the case, no questions asked, we will find an alternative placement. Perhaps after a business assessment engagement, you’re ready to hire a fractional CXO. 


Or perhaps, after some time acting as a fractional CXO, our Network member and client both wish to move to a permanent placement.

Whatever develops along the way, BiotechExec is there as your partner.

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