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Case study 1

Group 885


Novel Medical Diagnostics Technology

Our client, a diagnostics company, had their technology, but required company infrastructure, specifically contract-to-perm senior executive business leadership, to move forward as a start-up.

Group 887

Based on a university-licensed technology, this disease diagnostics company approached BiotechExec with the need for an experienced industry leader to start and grow the business.
Although the technology had a strong scientific backing, the need for business leadership for this company was critical. With seed funding still in process, the challenge was finding this senior executive without the ability to yet offer competitive compensation.

Group 889

BiotechExec presented multiple candidates from the IGNITE Network with qualifications matching the needs of the company. Following multiple interviews, we placed a contracted CEO with monthly work progression from 10-20 hours per week.

Group 890

After just two months as interim CEO, our candidate assessed the company needs, developed its business plan, and was offered full-time employment as CEO. He continues to successfully grow the business and turn to BiotechExec for additional help.

Group 1074

Case study 2

Group 885
Group 891


Medical Device Company

Our client, a company creating disruptive products for women’s health and infertility treatments, had already raised significant capital when they came to us. Our involvement was to assist with finalizing their business strategy and seeking FDA clearance.

Group 887

While the company had raised significant friends & family funds, approaching sophisticated and institutional investors was proving challenging. The company needed help with their business plan, financial modelling and projections, and defining their market & exit strategies. The scientific and clinical founders needed an experienced business-minded CEO to move to through their next stage of growth, and beyond.

Group 889

BiotechExec first entered into a consulting engagement for interim CFO and Business Development services. Considerable effort was placed on refining the business plan, identifying potential investors and working on the investment pitch. An interim CEO was selected to execute the new strategy and complete necessary fundraising and development milestones.

Group 890

After refinement of the business plan and placement of a CEO, much of the funding round has now been completed. The company is submitting products for FDA clearance and is in development on a suite of other devices in the infertility treatment sector.



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