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BiotechExec provides life science companies with the strategic business solutions needed to bring their life-changing, life-saving products to the market.

Introducing BiotechExec

Who We Are

The difference between success and failure for many businesses in the life science sector is having access to experience and expertise from all aspects of the commercial landscape.

Fact is, there is only a very select number of people who are truly aware of the commercial blueprint for successful and sustainable growth for companies in biotech, pharma, medical device, diagnostics and digital health care. Up until now, access to these specialists would have been considered too expensive or geographically restrictive ‒ this is no longer true.


Our Services

Our Services

Our solution is built on 3 core pillars:

Powered by our exclusive IGNITE network, we address the need for experienced executive management to be readily available for the life sciences sector. Add to this our unparalleled collective of esteemed consultants, known as ʻThe SEAT’, and business support has never looked so potent.

Let our experts utilize their wide range of skills across biotech and medtech to directly impact your business via consulting projects and advisory services.

Benefit from C-Suite executive input for your business without the financial commitment and risk of hiring full-time members.

We will find your perfect candidate within our global IGNITE Network of life science executives, ready for full time placement.


The BiotechExec Ecosystem:

At the epicenter of BiotechExec and at the very heart of your next business solution is our IGNITE network.

This is a specially selected network of talent; seasoned professionals that are readily available for placement or advice.

The IGNITE network’s ability to understand the entire market, both in terms of scientific innovation and of the end user and their clients’ needs, means we have a rounded and informed sense of growth and commercialization. We find the best solution for your business, because we want your business to be the best it can be. BiotechExec doesn’t just place talent, we partner with your company, opening up our entire talent pool to you and your product.


Our Purpose

We believe that, too often, a lack of access to professional connectivity or experienced knowledge stops innovative products reaching their potential. As the life sciences industry stands, it’s not just skill and
investment that decide a company’s success; it can also be location…


Take a SEAT with us

Take a SEAT with us


Our team of Senior Client Advisors will work with you to define the scope of work that will bring the greatest benefit to your organization. Then, our Senior Advisors will engage our IGNITE network, working with those with the most appropriate experience, to deliver a professional work product.


Our Process

Our Process

Whether for a placement or a consulting engagement, our methodology is the same. Our Senior Executive Advisory Team leads the process to:

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