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Contract CXOs

Group 747

Interim and Part-Time Executives

Benefit from C-Suite executive input for your business without the financial commitment and up-front risk of hiring full-time members. Our incredible IGNITE Network executives are available to work on an interim or part-time basis, to give your business the experienced insight it needs to succeed.


We conduct a diligent discovery assessment of your specific executive needs and then provide you a shortlist of the most qualified candidates from our IGNITE network for your consideration. You select the best suited candidates for interview and negotiate compensation directly with the consultant. Our fees will be included in your monthly statement, and you can engage us for as long as you’d like. Rather than place your CXO and walk away, we remain with you as your commercialization partner.

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Applicable to companies in various stages of their life cycle. For start-ups, who may not yet need full time help, our Executive Search grants access to the best experienced executives.


For mid-stage companies we can offer part-time executive experience to help achieve milestones, delaying the requirement for full-time roles while accelerating your business. And, for mature companies, our Executive Search provides the opportunity to ensure you are hiring the right person for the job, prior to a long-term commitment.


For everyone, we offer invaluable access to the most brilliant Executives in the Life Sciences sector.


  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Commercial Officer
  • Chief Business Officer
  • VP/SVP Business Development
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Chief Medical Officer




Group 749

Access to the best executives in the medical device and biotechnology fields, at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire.

Group 750

“Test the water” with our executives without the expensive up-front costs associated with retained search firms.

Group 751

When you bring on one of our consultants, you become a partner with BiotechExec and gain access to the entire IGNITE executive network of additional hires, advisors and consultants


At the epicenter of BiotechExec and at the very heart of your next business solution is our IGNITE network.

The IGNITE Network is a specially selected network of talent; seasoned professionals that are readily available for placement or advice.

Every member of IGNITE has an extensive life sciences background. It is our shared respect for, and commitment to, the development of the life sciences sector that binds us. This shared purpose, alongside our ability to understand the entire market, means we have a rounded and informed sense of commercialization. And that is why BiotechExec is the best solution for you.

ʻIGNITE’ isn’t just the name of our global network of executives, it is our promise: Whatever your business needs, we will act to IGNITE the change that achieves it. And, because We’re not Executive Search ‒ We are Executives, Searched, the Executives who will provide these Solutions, are ready to go. No waiting around, no missed opportunities, just the match you have been waiting to strike.