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Be the SPARK

Join like-minded life science executives and gain exposure to the most exciting new developments in our industry.


‘IGNITE’ isn’t just the name of our global network of executives, it is our vision, our power, our promise: Whatever a business needs, we will act to IGNITE the change that achieves it.



Whether it’s our Advisory Services or an Executive Placement (fractional or permanent), members of our IGNITE network are here to both discover and deliver what life science businesses need to get to the next level. And our executives are ready to go – no waiting around, no missed opportunities, just the match our clients have been waiting to strike.


The IGNITE Network is a specially selected network of talented, seasoned professionals who are readily available for placement or advice.

BiotechExec was created to deliver the best solutions to our clients, by providing the right talent, to the right business, at the right time. To help us deliver this promise, we have cultivated a network of individuals with an extensive life sciences background and a shared committed to the development of the life sciences sector.

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Interim and Part-Time Executives

If full-time placement doesn’t suit your needs or fit in alongside other commitments, Fractional Placement is the perfect solution. Executives the caliber of IGNITE Members can affect change swiftly and effectively. Allowing monetary or geographic restrictions to stop companies who could benefit from your knowledge is detrimental to progress.



So, why not decrease costs for the business and increase flexibility for the Executive? With Fractional Placement, everybody wins.


Consultancy and Mentorship

We believe that collaboration is the key to progress and our role is to bring the right people together to inspire and push each other to better the biotech, pharma, medical device, diagnostics, and digital health markets.


Advisory Services can take many forms, from internal BiotechExec evaluations to Consultancy roles to Mentorship programs. However you can best affect change, BiotechExec will facilitate.


Full-Time Senior Executive and Director Placements

BiotechExec offers Executive Placement services for businesses who need a full-time exec or director in their business. BiotechExec will work to match you with the right company based on:

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Your experience and skills

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Your own preferences with regards to company size, personal input and working conditions

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Your interest in the company’s product and potential


BiotechExec’s ability to understand the entire market, means we can match the right specialists with the right product and the right company. We consider the ‘matchmaking’ aspect of Executive Search and Placement, so we won’t be offering you the right title at the wrong company, like other recruitment channels might.

In order to ensure we appoint the right IGNITE network member and, perhaps even more importantly, identify the right Service Solution for our clients, our Senior Executive Advisory Team (The ‘SEAT’) leads the process to: Discover, Assess, Execute & Evaluate our clients’ needs. Once these needs are comprehensively understood, The SEAT will reach out to our IGNITE Network members to move the process forward.

This Process means that you could be called upon for Consultation, Full-Time Placement, or Fractional Placement, depending on your preferences. But remember, everything is run by people, not systems, so if there’s a particularly exciting project that requires a Full-Time CEO and you’re our most suited member, but are only available for Fractional Placements, we won’t just cross you off the list – we’ll contact you for your input on the Placement of a Full Time CEO. Joining the IGNITE Network means that you are part of a Global Collective of Life Science advocates.

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