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Group 893

Whether it’s our Advisory Services or an Executive Placement (fractional or permanent), members of our IGNITE network are here to both discover and deliver what your business needs to get to the next level. And, when you come to us, our executives are ready to go – no waiting around, no missed opportunities, just the match you have been waiting to strike.


The IGNITE Network is a specially selected network of talent; seasoned professionals that are readily available for placement or advice.

Every member of IGNITE has an extensive life sciences background and is committed to the development of the life sciences sector. BiotechExec’s ability to understand the entire market, means we have a rounded and informed sense of commercialization. By aligning these insights and expertise, we are better able to offer the appropriate solutions and provide the right talent, to the right business, at the right time.

As a BiotechExec client, you will benefit from access to this global network of industry leaders. Depending on your business’ needs, we will identify which of our Service Solutions will IGNITE change in your business.

Our Process

In order to ensure we appoint the right IGNITE network member and, perhaps even more importantly, identify the right Service Solution for our clients, our Senior Executive Advisory Team (The ‘SEAT’) lead the process to: Discover, Assess, Execute, Evaluate.



Discovery is possibly the most important stage ‒
understanding where our clients are and where they want to be is the only way to ensure we formulate the most effective action.



We then move to Assessment, where we take a deeper dive into our learnings from the Discovery stage. Our Senior Executive Advisory Team determine where there are issues, and how best to combat them; and where there is potential, and how best to reach it.



Execution of course sees our recommendations
actioned, with a part-time or full-time placement, or a product deliverable from our advisory team



We follow every Execution with Evaluation. Perhaps a CXO placement isn’t the perfect fit ‒ if this is the case, no questions asked, we will find an alternative placement. Perhaps after a business assessment engagement, you’re ready to hire a fractional CXO. Or perhaps, after some time acting as a fractional CXO, our Network member and client.


Both wish to move to a permanent placement.
Whatever develops along the way, BiotechExec is there as your partner.

Group 901

Senior Executive Advisory Team

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The ‘SEAT’ is a remarkable collection of experienced life science executives, with a wide range of skills within the life sciences sector.

Group 741

John Tushar

Senior Client Advisor

Medical Device

Group 740

Richard Otto

Senior Client Advisor

Biotechnology, Health IT & Medical Device

Group 630

Pamela Demain

Senior Client Advisor

Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals

Group 625

Eamonn Hobbs

Partner & Senior Client Advisor

Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals & Medical Device

Group 628

Bill Knab

Senior Client Advisor

Medical Device

Group 627

Russel Allen

Co-Founder and CEO

Group 626

Jamie Hennessy

Co-Founder and Treasurer


Fractional CXOs


Interim and Part-Time Executives

Benefit from C-Suite executive input for your business without the financial commitment of hiring full-time members. Our incredible IGNITE Network executives (inclusive of our Senior Executive Advisory Team (The ‘SEAT’)) are available to work on a interim or part time basis, to give your business the experienced insight it needs to succeed.

Advisory Services


Consultancy and Mentorship

Benefit from the unparalleled diversity of our Senior Executive Advisory Team (The ‘SEAT’), a collective of biotech, pharma, medical device, diagnostics, and digital health specialists, who utilise their wide range of skills within the field and their shared commitment to the development of the life sciences sector, to directly benefit your business.

Executive Placement


Full-Time Senior Executive and Director Placements

Benefit from access to our global IGNITE Network of life science executives without sacrificing the precious time you could be spending on your business. We can move your company along the commercialization road today – there is no need to wait to build your team. We have experienced biotech and medtech leaders ready to help you now and our Senior Executive Advisory Team’s deep understanding of the industry means they will perfectly match you with the executive within our IGNITE network who will most benefit your business.


The members of our exclusive IGNITE network are located throughout the United States of America.

Whether it be on-location or remote working, our growing team of IGNITE specialists will help you realize your commercialization requirements and growth ambitions.