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William Knab Joins BiotechExec Senior Executive Advisory Team

Group 628

An expert in medical device development, marketing and executive leadership, William Knab has joined BiotechExec as a Senior Client Advisor.

Knab spent 20 years with Fortune 500 global device companies and a further 12 years with early-stage companies and start-ups. With such varied experience, he brings invaluable expertise to our network and the advisory group. William (Bill) has led teams that introduced three new devices in Hemodialysis, Blood Processing and Liver Support. He has driven successful new business ventures at Baxter International, Haemonetics, Medisystems and two successful start-ups, HemoCleanse and Renal Solutions.

“Bill has been directly responsible for bringing multiple medical devices to market, and has helped dozens of companies do the same,” said Russell Allen, CEO of BiotechExec. “His ability to assess the many aspects of successful device commercialization is an immensely valuable asset to our advisory services and fractional CXO models.”

Read More – https://biotechexec.com/bill-knab/

“After a career as a medtech executive and independent consultant, I am now pleased to also be working with this experienced team of life science experts to provide an even broader solution set to our clients,” said Knab.

Together with his fellow Senior Executive Advisory Team (SEAT) members, Bill works with BiotechExec clients to define the scope of work that will bring the greatest benefit to their organization. Our Senior Advisors also engage the members of our global network who are best equipped to deliver this scope and build commercial success to life science companies – to benefit their shareholders and customers, for the future of global healthcare.