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Growth, Re-Ignited…


For many founders in the life-science sector, it can feel like the future is entirely in their own hands – But does it really have to be this way…?

Most new business ideas or ventures start with a great idea and an unlimited appetite for the open road ahead – this is especially true of the Life Sciences sector. With some of the most talented scientists of our generation continuing to push boundaries, it would appear the possibilities ahead are endless. But travelling this open road can be a lonely (if not slightly daunting) journey of discovery, and one that could certainly benefit from navigational assistance from those who have “been there.”

No matter your sector, location, or the size of your company, the ability to grow and scale your business in the Life Sciences arena will almost certainly need strategic guidance, and very definitely, plenty of tactical know-how. Until now, this kind of support has always been seen as too expensive or geographically restrictive.

At the heart of BiotechExec sits our IGNITE Network (our Integrated Global Network for Innovation, Talent and Entrepreneurship). IGNITE is a specially selected network of talent and seasoned professionals who are readily available for placement or advice to any business within the life sciences arena.

Every member of IGNITE has an extensive life sciences business background and is committed to the development of this sector we love so much. Add to this our SEAT board (Senior Executive Advisory Team), and BiotechExec’s ability to understand the entire market means we have an unparalleled and informed sense of how to achieve commercial success.
At BiotechExec, we have experienced first-hand the challenges that companies in the life science sector are facing every day. Which for us, is why the opening statement of this article dares to ask this very simple, yet piognant question – Is the future of your business solely in your own hands, and does it really have to be this way?

Historically, placing the right leadership talent has either been limited to your own network, or seen as an Executive Search solution. But the costs and risk associated with these approaches can be high. This is where we come in…

In our opinion, accessing this help doesn’t always have to start with full-time placement with long-term employment contracts, benefits and equity that may go along with that. You probably wouldn’t get married without dating first, right? As a young business ourselves, we know only too well what is required to escalate growth and scalability. But what if we could access this expertise on a fractional basis, from specialists from around the world who have pioneered the life science industry – imagine no more.

Bring our IGNITE experts on as consultants, mentors, advisors or interim executives. They’ll help you scale your business and guide you to milestones that will then take you to the next phase of growth, when a full-time hire may indeed be appropriate.

Ultimately, our clients benefit from access to this global network of industry leaders and pioneers, and this is why our own story, thus far, resonates so greatly with us. So, as we start the next phase of our adventure, we are reminded that all GROWTH needs an IGNITION.

For more information about our business, and to contact us for your next solution, please visit www.biotechexec.com.