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Eric Vela

Principal, Biotech CTO/CSO

Eric Vela, PhD, MBA has over two decades experience growing highly successful gene therapy and viral vaccine programs that have driven innovation and novel process development and manufacturing platforms leading to the launch of new products for phase I clinical vaccine and immunotherapy trials.  He has a plethora of experience ranging from in vivo efficacy and pre-clinical testing to vaccine process development and manufacturing at various Contract Research Organizations (CROs), Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs) and seed stage start-up companies. 

Throughout his career, Eric has played a pivotal role in chemistry, manufacturing, and controls (CMC) activities which is critical to developing and launching new pharmaceutical products.  His leadership has led to the development of novel manufacturing processes aimed at improving the vaccine production and purification processes and optimizing overall yield.  Specifically, Eric has C-suite experience that revolves around CMC as it relates to gene therapy, viral vaccine, and viral oncolytic products.

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